Friday, November 13, 2009

How do u ferment agave?

anyone know the things i need and how to do it?

How do u ferment agave?
You don't unless you live in MX, sorry.

Then you'd need to have the right kind of cacti and cook it to make the juice available for use, then press it in a cactus press.

It's a different process than making wine or beer, let alone tequila and the URL above doesn't even mention fermenting agave.

This one might be more helpful ::
Reply:First, agave isn't a cactus. To make tequila, you need to live in the Jalisco region of Mexico and have access to alot of agave plants. After growing for 7-10yrs, the leaves of the plant are removed and the pina (the root part, looks like a pineapple) is baked in clay ovens. Then it is mashed and the agave juices are drained and then used in the fermentation and distillation processes.
Reply:cactus ??

I do not know

but for sure the information is here just take your time and check the forum

G.L. ☺

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